Taking it on the Road: the Islands


 My family and I just returned from a fantastic trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. It is our favorite place to vacation and this year was really special: my boys went snorkeling for the first time! It is really amazing as a parent when your child reaches a stage to experience something brand new, especially when you can share something you really love and do it together.

In the photo above, I am at a small quilt and gift shop in the town of Volcano. We ate lunch there before driving through the national park and looking at the volcano crater.


The main reason I love Hawaii: Sea turtles. I am crazy about them and this is the best place on earth (as far as I know) to see them up close (that’s not a rock in the foreground above!). One day my boys and I went exploring a beach right by our hotel and discovered it is a favorite hang-out of the turtles. We were not prepared for swimming, but at one point we sat on the beach and watched four (!) turtles swimming just off-shore in the shallows. We returned later that day with our gear and got in the water. We all got to see several turtles while snorkeling and a bunch more taking naps on the beach. It was truly incredible.

Travel Sewing

Of course, I don’t usually leave home without some sewing. This time I took the beginning of a project I have planned. I bought this huge hole puncher at Joann’s and used it to cut templates out of postcards and old greeting cards. They are the perfect weight for preparing circles for appliqué. I managed to get a few sewn in the car on our excursions to beaches.


A great way to start the summer!


Hope you find a great place to relax a bit.

Now I am back to work…next time we “meet” will be on my new website:
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  1. Qlt812 says:

    The picture above with you on the beach kneeling and the turtle reminds me of the Turtle movies of Sammy and Ray (a silverback and greenback turtles/animated adventures)! Love your blog…

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