My Kind of Summer (Quilt) Camp

This is my mom and me in front of the actual, physical Pink Castle Fabrics store in Ann Arbor, Michigan! We made a stop there last Thursday on our way to a weekend getaway not far from there…Camp Stitchalot is hosted by Brenda, the owner of Pink Castle.

If you have a chance to take a quilting retreat, Camp Stitchalot is a fabulous one to choose. There were people from all over the United States, Toronto, plus some friends from the UK…

Sorry about the blurry photo, but, yes, that is THE Katy Jones with me at Camp!
She, Tula Pink, and John Q. Adams (Quilt Dad) were the quilting “Sewlebrity” attraction and totally worth the trip to meet. We had a ton of fun talking with them and Tula and Katy even brought us little fabric treats.

Everybody brought their own projects to work on. Can you believe we sewed all the way from Thursday evening through to Sunday noon?

It was like a sweat shop in there, only with lots of laughing, crafting, and even a touch of Moonshine (both the fabric collection by Tula and the drinking variety). That’s my mom above. She worked on her version of my Modern Wedding Ring quilt design.

We even had a visit from a garden turtle! Tula and Katy got the best pictures of it. 
So, a fabulous weekend: unlimited sewing, chatting and laughing, making new friends and seeing inspiring projects. I learned that Tula Pink is the Goddess of English Paper Piecing (seriously) and really funny, and Katy Jones is about the loveliest person you may ever meet: humble, funny, friendly, and quirky in all the right ways. John Adams has a new book just out, “Beyond Neutrals” and it is fabulous! lots of cool quilts to make and pretty pictures.
More later,
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  1. Wow!!! Now that would be a fun weekend! Lucky you!!

  2. I’m so jealous, would have loved to be there!

  3. dominobet says:

    wohow…great…i love this moment…nice

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