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For the Love of Fabric: Batik

Jackie at Canton Village Quilts Works is having a sale on her great selection of batik fabrics this weekend! Check out the batik page Here.

That got me thinking. Batiks are so unique in quilting, aren’t they? it seem that people either love them and use them almost exclusively, or really not at all. I think maybe their potential is under-appreciated in all styles of quilting: Color, Texture, Pattern…Beautiful!

Color Girl Quilts
There is no doubt that batiks look great together! I made this bargello quilt about seven years ago. I wanted both the three dimensional look of the bargello design as well as a blended rainbow from the fabrics. The great thing about batiks is the huge range of colors and saturation they come in. I did not use a pre-made selection…I bought all of these individually at my local shop.
 They work like solids, but have more texture and interest. You can see more of my Rainbow Bargello quilt in This Post.

Color Girl Quilts

Batiks can also be used with regular (non-batik) fabrics and look fantastic! I used a range of colors in this bit of my New York Beauty quilt to get the affect of blending from dark pink to lavender to blue.  (you can see more of this quilt Here)
When using Batiks in place of solids to coordinate with prints, I think you get a softer and more dimensional look. As much as I love using solids with my prints in quilts, I do like the look of adding some batiks, too. I definitely lean toward the “solid” or tone-on-tone batik fabrics, but you can also buy them in multi-color and even novelty print designs.
So, which camp are you in? Batiks, or not? Maybe they deserve another look!
Have a great weekend,
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5 thoughts on “For the Love of Fabric: Batik

  1. I LOVE BATIKS!! You are right…they go so wonderfully together or with prints. Love your quilts…I had started making NY Beauties and never go around to finishing them for a quilt. But,just recently have been making bags and I was able to pair different blocks to make the cutest zippered pouches. I still have to make my Polka Dot Bikini blocks! LOL will get to them eventually!!

  2. I love working with batiks. I think they press and hold seams really well. They don’t always work for what I am doing, but I really enjoy sewing with them when I get a chance!

  3. I’m in the yes camp 🙂 still at the collecting stage, but I have a nice size box of them already. Even black and white ones 🙂

  4. I love batiks but only those of good quality.

  5. Definitely in the batik camp, I love them but as Happy Cottage Quilter says, only good quality batiks, some of the ones on the market can be very harsh to the touch and difficult to handle.

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