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Work In Progress: Quilting



Have you ever made a quilt and then just couldn’t decide how to quilt it? I have been thinking about what to do with this one for a couple of weeks, not sure how to go. You see, I really love this quilt, and I didn’t want to mess it up.
In the end, I just had to go for it (partly because I needed to free up my basting pins for another project, but nonetheless…)


This project is my second version of the “Polka Dot Bikini” pattern. Check out the QAL posts over the past couple of months HERE. I wrote about this finished top HERE.

I really like straight line quilting (and not only because my FMQ skills are weak) because of the texture it gives a quilt. For this one, I am using my duel feed (you could also use a walking foot) to outline the center gold circle and each of the border circles. I also quilted in each pod shape.

I would love suggestions as to quilting between the circles. Shall I do them all like I did the center (top photo) with lines radiating from the center? I’ll have to see what speaks to me when I get there.

….and Flowers,

My garden is another work in progress! I absolutely love this peony, it is called “circus circus” and I planted it two years ago, but this year it finally has loads of buds. I am so excited for them all to open.
One reason my garden is always a work in progress: I love to try and plan my plants so there is always something blooming as others fade. These bachelor’s buttons just started to bloom, and I love how they are overlapping with the phlox, which is almost past its prime, but still gorgeous!
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10 thoughts on “Work In Progress: Quilting

  1. momiji says:

    The quilting looks great, and I will look forward to seeing the finished product! Your garden is beautiful as well–isn’t spring wonderful?

  2. jeifner says:

    The echo quilting around the circles is great. I have no suggestions for you right now 🙂 And that peony is beautiful.

  3. What about cross hatching? Maybe curved cross hatching? Or a motif? So many options for that space 🙂 Whatever you decide, this quilt is going to be beautiful!

  4. Kris says:

    oh yeah..the quilting is usually a problem for me. I want to be creative but I don’t want to struggle with my home machine. (I have pulled it off the table before trying to push and pull fabric through the harp space) ha
    Pretty garden!

  5. The quilting design is the more challenging part. This pattern is lovely but complex to quilt because of the impact of all the pieces and colors. Maybe just an U-zigzag shape to fill the area, from top to bottom. It will follow your linear look but will add a little curved shape. I am currently struggling to find a quilting design for a simple quilt, I published six drafts on my blog.

  6. The quilting looks great so far! I would definitely continue the echo pattern; in my mind it will make in interesting star pattern in the middle when it all meets up. 🙂

  7. The quilting is coming along nicely!

  8. Em says:

    I love that you are going for it!!!!

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