For the Love of Fabric

Every once in a while (okay, really often) a fabric design just grabs me. Two of my past favorites include Terrain, by Kate Spain and Reunion, by Sweetwater (both Moda, roughly two years ago). I have a hoard of both that I may never use, but just look at. (I hope I’m not the only person who does that)

Recently I have discovered a really fabulous collection, Garden Party Tango (from Windham Fabrics). Here are a few of the prints, but the collections also includes some really fun, colorful florals, too.

I chose the prints above because I think they look great with my fat eighth collection of Botanique, by Joel Dewberry:


This is the print collection I am planning for a new Color Girl design. If you like the Polka Dot Bikini, you will like this one…..

Curious, how do quilters choose fabrics for a project? do you tend to choose all fabrics from a single collection so they coordinate? or do you prefer lots of scraps? I know some people don’t even stash (gasp!) but just buy for specific projects.

I am somewhere in the middle. I often buy fabrics by collection simply because I love the designs or colors together, but I always add others to them. It’s especially fun to find that a couple of my “collections” play well together, like those above.

How about solids? I am a new convert to solids. Until maybe two years ago, I never used solids. And I mean Never. Once I tried them in my Bikini Quilt, though, I fell in love with the way they look with prints and never looked back. And since I am the Color Girl, my very bright and busy, colorful fabric selections need some solids to tone them down a bit.

Color? More is More. When I choose a color scheme for a quilt, I usually start with complementary colors. My favorite combo is Blue and Orange, which can be interpreted in an endless number of shades. 
Another favorite way to choose a color scheme is using a single color (or two) but adding a huge range of shades in that color. I once made a quilt for my mother-in-law that included teal and fuchsia, but really it was everything from navy to turquoise and maroon to hot pink. All mixed up, they looked really beautiful!
Do you  have a current fabric crush (or seven)? has anyone else seen Garden Party Tango, and if so, what are your ideas for it?
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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Fabric

  1. Monica says:

    I recognized that Asters fabric right away! I just bought some too, the aqua Asters and the pink one you have as well. They are both slated for Scandinavian Rose by Rosalie Quinlan.

    I have stopped buying just for stash, because I usually want new fabric for a new project, especially for large projects. My taste does change over time, I’ve found. So the stash fabrics tend to just sit there, and honestly, it is a hassle to think of uses for them!

    My current crush is Art Gallery fabrics, especially the Pat Bravo designs. Some wonderful colours she had last fall!

  2. Cathy says:

    I too am a fabric hoarder. I pull it out and pet it and then put it back. I usually pick fabrics out that I like and hope a project will come around that it will be perfect for. I can’t wait to see what your next project is. Hugs

  3. SewPsyched! says:

    oh yes!! lovin your combo!! I like to buy fat quarter bundles so that I have a range from a designer, then add others to them. Its half the fun to wander thru the stash, petting as you go, to pick who gets to come out and play 🙂 Cant wait to see the new pattern, you’re killin us!

  4. Auntie Pami says:

    I do both, but like you said, my tastes have changed. I’m into FQ ‘s. Once in a while I get 2-3 yds. I adore charm packs. I do a lot online so it’s hard to judge colors. You have some great talent and I really enjoy your patterns! Just wish I had more focus to sew.

  5. Michele T says:

    We have similar tastes!! I tend to buy fabric that I see and love at first sight! And I also buy fabric specific to a project.

  6. This fabric just arrived on my doorstep and can’t wait to use it. Am hanging out to see what you make with it !

  7. Drenik says:

    This would be a lovely way to get me srteatd on a memory quilt that I have been dreaming about making for years now, it’s time I got srteatd. xyorkshiremix(at)aol(dot)com

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