Midnight at the Oasis QAL, Work in progress

Work in Progress (still quilting)

Popping in with a W.I.P.
I am determined not to let my Midnight at the Oasis quilt languish in Unfinished Quilt Limbo. In between piecing on my Bikini blocks for the Quilt Along, I am squeezing a bit a of quilting on this each week. I am loving this leaf pattern on the churn dash corners. I am still a total novice at FMQ, but it is true that practice makes it. If you are on the fence, go for it!
Even though I am growing a bit more confident with the FMQ, my favorite is still the straight line quilting. I love the texture it gives. I tried something a bit unexpected on the outer border, quilting through the 1″ blue and green squares rather than in the seam ditch. I still have two more of these borders to do and the on-point squares at the edges on all four sides. Keep chugging along.
I hope you aren’t sick of seeing this quilt, but I am hoping that sharing it will keep me motivated to make progress.
Do you see that one bumpy quilt line just left of the center of the quilt? That is where my five-year-old leaned on the quilt as I was sewing (probably saying “mama, I’m HUNGRY”). I was all set to unpick it, but a few Instagram friends convinced me to leave it, and I am glad I did. A memory.
Cleo Pup
and, just wanted to share a cute pic of my friend, Cleo. It was finally warm enough over the weekend to go out and play ball.
Hope it’s sunny where you are,
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4 thoughts on “Work in Progress (still quilting)

  1. It’s lovely to see your MATO being quilted – I came to a halt because of family issues,a sick daughter and an making small pieces for an exhibition, but shall be back to MATO next week. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt from you!

  2. *Cornelia* says:

    totally love the flower and leave quilting

  3. Can’t wait to see it when you have finished all the quilting. It’s very satisfying to do it oneself!

  4. My Ziggy looks alot like your Cleo.

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