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Tabatha at Quilty Box is organizing an orphan block drive to make quilts for donating to Quilts for Kids.
I figured this was a great time to root through my drawer of orphan blocks as well as UFO’s I never intend to finish (we all have them, right?)

I found it kind of fun to look at what was languishing in that forgotten drawer. I was a bit surprised to find very few orphan blocks, but several whole projects (i.e. lots of blocks) just waiting to be sewn up. I am sending these wonky strip blocks and leftover yardage from making my boys’ valances (hope they can use that for backing some quilts).
wonky Halloween squares.
it is interesting to me to explore what I have created in the past and wonder why it was never finished. Most of the block sets I found were projects I started for a baby but didn’t finish in time. Some were things I started with other people but wasn’t invested enough to devote time to finishing after the event ended.
I wonder what it is about quilting that makes so many of us start lots of projects and not finish? I would like to hear thoughts on this. I makes me feel good that I can send off these projects: get them out of my space and contribute to a good cause.
How about the title of this post?
in my tidying, I found the blocks for a table runner I started and never finished:
This is so not me, right? But no less pretty! If there is someone reading this who would like to give this project some love, I would be happy to mail it to you (sorry, US only). Just leave a comment and make sure I can email you back.
You can purchase Quilty Boxes by clicking Here
if you are interested in cleaning out your orphan blocks or child-appropriate yardage for the “Save the Orphan Blocks” campaign, leave me a comment with your email attached I will send you Tabatha’s address.
Happy Weekend,

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8 thoughts on “Free to a Good Home

  1. Haha I, too, have a red, white and blue star runner started but not finished. It was for a paper piecing class, and I didn’t much like the pattern or fabric, so it never was assembled completely. Maybe I’ll pass mine along next time I unearth it, too!

  2. Perhaps it’s that making great quilt is actually pretty hard and complicated, and sometimes we get it wrong. We can see that part way thru and would rather try again than continue a “failed” project. I’m a big proponent of finishing though, because at least our end products are warm and useful, if not exciting and beautiful.

  3. I’d love to give them a home 🙂 I always like red white and blue!

  4. Tiffany says:

    My sister would die for that runner – I’d make it and give it to her. 😛 I have always been meaning to make her an Americana one, she has asked more than once, but I am so lame I haven’t even started! LOL

  5. angela says:

    I have alot of yardage I would like to donate. Tried the nearest Project Linus chapter and never got a response, so this is great. Can we include FQ;s? elmcreekquilts@yahoo.com

  6. Arnden says:

    I have a bunch of kids stuff I could send… arnden at yahoo

  7. Sarah G says:

    I have some kids blocks to donate. Sarahsewinfun at gmail

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