A Work in Progress and Updated Tutorial

Many readers have seen bits of my Twirling Fans quilt in progress, but the weather was finally decent (and dry!) enough to get some pictures outside. Still not great lighting….blast the winter sun!
I machine sewed the binding yesterday and started the hand stitching today, and guess what? I finished writing the pattern, too! I hope it will be available before the end of the month, once I get through the proofing and testing stage.
I updated my binding tutorial to include the hand-sewn method I am using for this quilt. I hope you check it out, I am pretty proud of that bit of tutorial and hope it is helpful.


Jenny really did a phenomenal job quilting this. I just love bringing it out and getting it finished up to share! (side note: the backing fabric is an Aneela Hooey print with drawings of people, trees and animals: adorable)

Have a great week,

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5 thoughts on “A Work in Progress and Updated Tutorial

  1. ~Diana says:

    Sharon, I can’t tell you how much I love this quilt, design, fabric…everything about it. Just…WOW, truly. Then there’s your bikini bottom quilt..you really have a design eye…THANK YOU for sharing your talent.

  2. Auntie Pami says:

    This is such a fun quilt! Love Jenny’s quilting!

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