Basting and Quilting Weekend

It is Sunday and that usually means that my friend Rissa comes over to sew with me. I wrote previously about her working on her first quilt…and she has finished the top! Today I showed her how to baste it to get ready for quilting.
And she was totally game to get after the quilting! As she was going along she kept giggling and saying how excited she was and how surprisingly well it was going. Does everybody remember how exciting it was when you realized how much fun quilting is?
She asked me today what I think makes it so much fun. We agreed that it is a combination of the creation of something, so many ideas and possibilities brought to fruition in something uniquely ours, and working with such beautiful materials.
So far, when she comes over, she has been using my Featherweight for her piecing, and today she quilted on my Pfaff machine. A couple of weeks ago she said she was thinking about getting a sewing machine for Christmas, but she might not, she said, because then she wouldn’t have a reason to come over to sew with me! So sweet. We do have a lot of fun. She brings her son and he and my boys run amok through the house and we just blissfully tune them out.
The pattern Rissa used for her quilt is my “Reflections” design. Over the last couple of months, I have been working to make improvements to my patterns, including adding size variations and prettier graphics. I have also changed the name to “Color Girl” designs. “Reflections” and “Zen Garden” are the first completed and I have officially re-opened my Craftsy pattern shop. Please stop in and visit.
The rest of the patterns will be returning, too, new and improved. But next up, all my energy is going into the Bikini quilt and Twirling Fans patterns. They are coming soon!!
Have a Great Week!
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2 thoughts on “Basting and Quilting Weekend

  1. Em says:

    Love this post and reminds me of our quilt time this past summer as the boys ran amok playing Nerf Wars! The quilt turned out awesome with that striking green! I love the Color Girl symbol….perfect for you: fresh and understated!

  2. Jacque says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Love your new trade name! Perfect!

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