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So You Don’t Like to Appliqué…

Have you ever seen a quilting pattern that you loved, but didn’t make it because of a single element that intimidated you?
For me, this is usually appliqué. I might love a sampler, or a medallion or other project, but applique usually rules it out for me. It’s too bad, because it really limits me creatively to avoid a certain technique.

That said, it’s also important to know limitations. How many unfinished projects do we all have because we set out on something our hearts weren’t really in?
I was intimidated by the Midnight at the Oasis pattern (see our Quilt-Along page Here) because of the appliqué, but decided to get out of my comfort zone and do it anyway. The first border we are working on now is the little orange peel blocks, which are appliqué.
guess what? I am actually going to applique the blocks, and I love what I have done so far!
But, I did think of a few alternatives for those who maybe don’t have time or inclination to appliqué, but want to make this beautiful quilt. One option (above): piecing squares on point almost mimics the shapes of the orange peels without the curves. I think this would be super cute all the way around the center star. Continuing the background fabric from the star (white) for setting the printed squares, creates a secondary saw-tooth pattern….cute!
Option two: hourglass blocks, above.  Now, obviously, these are too big. I made these to experiment, but I think smaller ones would be a really cute alternative to the appliqué border.
One of my favorite parts of quilting is creating my own designs. You can even make a pre-made pattern your own by adding your own variations, just like this.
As you might imagine. Sometimes this causes me problems when I have so many ideas I get kind of paralyzed by indecision.
When it comes to being creative, lots of decisions are a good thing, though, right??

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9 thoughts on “So You Don’t Like to Appliqué…

  1. Sharon – so pleased you mentioned the “appliqué” word!!
    I had decided to machine applique the orange peel blocks and hope no-one would have a problem with that so I am pleased that you brought this subject up. The problem arises again with the vine and flowers!!

  2. sewyouquilt2 says:

    I used to feel the same way about applique. I now love it. I also love handwork so that is probably why. to me it is relaxing…..just as relaxing as the hum of the machine stitching a mile a minute. enjoy the process. I am scared to death of the quilting by machine part. Can you say I have a lot of flimsys?

  3. It looks like you’re doing really well with the quilt along despite the dreaded appliqué 😉

  4. Mama Spark says:

    I am so happy I found your blog! You have some great stuff going on here!! I will be back to check it out in more detail very soon. I can’t wait to look at your paper piecing tutorials too.

  5. Sewing Mom says:

    Beautiful work…and I don’t prefer applique, for sure. =) I probably would stear away from anything complicated at this point in my life.

  6. Celine says:

    I love your Medaillon. I’d love to do this quilt and just seen that you started a quilt-along. Maybe I’ll be able to join in… Visiting from WIP

  7. Julie says:

    Love your centre medallion – sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself though, and you will feel so proud of yourself for going out of your comfort zone.

  8. sharpie says:

    Ohh looking fantastic! This one might not slip into the background as I was thinking… ponder… to join or not to join… 🙂

  9. Sue McPeak says:

    Such a good point you have made for all quilters to challenge themselves and still know one’s limitations. Even more important is your encouragement to design for yourself and try multiple options when a problem crops up. Enjoyed seeing all your problem solving options.

    I am visiting from Thursday Threads and would love to have you stop by and see my 1930’s Fabrics and Quilts. Just click on the signature link below…hope to see you there.  Your comments are ‘Sew’ Welcomed!

    Sue CollectInTexas Gal

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