Quilt Flashback: circa 2003


My wonky log cabin quilt. I made this quilt around 2003 (kicking myself for not labeling, but guessing based on fabrics).
Funny how much I remember when I look at a quilt I made long ago. This one has a story, as usual. When I was in college in Salt Lake City, I lived with my mom. We had a tradition to road trip over to Denver every year when they had the Capitol building quilt show, or a neat exhibit at the art museum, or if we just wanted a trip.
We liked Denver because of the wonderful quilt shops there, and because of the Corner Bakery on 16th street. We ate there every day.
I bought the pattern for this quilt at a shop in Boulder on one of these visits. The shop had a sample made up and I just loved it! They were doing it as a class, but since I didn’t live locally, they sold me the instructions.
Those trips with my mom are some the best memories of my twenties. 
Now, I mentioned that I know about when I made it because of the fabrics? well, I remember purchasing a bunch of these fabrics at a particular shop here in Columbus when it first opened, which was about 2003. I also bought some of the fabrics on Mom’s and my first Amish Country shop hop, which we did the first year I lived in Columbus, 2002.
This quilt was the inspiration to paint the living room of our first home orange (yes, I actually painted my living room orange, and not just any orange, think: Home Depot logo orange!)  and it hung there for the two years we lived in that home. That was the home where we first brought Cleo home (tiny, cute little puppy) and our first baby boy (tiny, cute, sticking up hair boy). Lots of memories with this quilt.
Don’t forget to label your quilts! and enjoy the week,
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3 thoughts on “Quilt Flashback: circa 2003

  1. Nifty Quilts says:

    Ah, lovely memories from a decade ago! You’re right. We should label our quilts. Do I? Well…

  2. Monica says:

    This is a cool pattern, Sharon. It still looks good to me! There’s still time to put that label on, you know. 10 years from now you will remember even less than you do now…

  3. Cathy says:

    So many wonderful memories tied into the quilt. Thanks you so much. PS. I painted my son’s bedroom the same orange when he was small. Hugs

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