Beginning Paper Piecing, Marcelle Medallion QAL

Medallion QAL: create your paper piecing pattern

We are one week away from our first post on the finished center medallion star! I decided to paper piece mine and one reader expressed interest in doing hers that way, too, so I wanted to write up some guidelines for adapting the pattern to paper piecing, and also show a how-to on the actual piecing.

I published a tutorial on paper piecing a compass block Here, if you are interested (skip past the compass pattern specifics to the part about the piecing) quilt piecing tutorial width=

Drafting your foundation pattern:
1. on graph paper, draw a square that is Half the finished (no seam allowance) size of the center medallion block (I am not including measurements due to copyright). You will be making four of these units for the whole block, that is why you start with half the finished size.
 If you have specific questions for me, please e-mail me and I will help you get started. You must purchase your own copy of the pattern to join the quilt-along.

2. Mark the half-way point on the top and left sides of your square.

3. connect the marked points to each other as well as the lower right corner, making a long triangle

4. measure the height of the triangle (distance from lower right point to center of line connecting green dots. Divide this measurement into four equal parts. Draw lines dividing the triangle into the four parts:

5. draw the lines that divide the triangle into smaller triangles:
not to scale

6. use your ruler to add a quarter inch seam allowance line around the large triangle:

7. make two copies of this drawing. From one of the copies, cut out the triangle pattern on the seam allowance line (red dotted line). From the other copy, cut out the three triangles that surround the pieced triangle and make up the square, set these aside for later. (You can use them as templates for cutting the background triangles when you finish the pieced triangles. Just remember to add seam allowance.)

8. back to the triangle pattern that you cut out on the seam allowance: now cut it into three pieces  and glue them onto a piece of paper like this:

9. use your ruler to make sure you have visible lines on the all the outer edges of the patterns and also measure quarter inch seam allowance lines, mark them with dashed lines: quilt piecing tutorial height=

10. make four copies of this page. these will make up the four points of your center star medallion.
Cut them out and plan your fabric and color placement. If you are familiar with paper piecing, you are ready to get started!

Paper piecing instructions will follow on the next post.

Happy Drafting!

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  1. Thanks so much for these wonderful paper-piecing guidelines. I’ll try to get to mine this weekend. You make it look so easy!

  2. Em says:

    U r amazing with the instructions!

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