Taking it on the Road: Denver

Earlier this week, I left my boys in Breckenridge with the Family and drove in to Denver for a quilt day to myself.
The photo  above is the inside of the Colorado state capitol building…all filled up with quilts!! Every other year they display a ton of quilts hung throughout the beautiful building.

Check out the sweet house quilt above, lower right. That was made by a friend of this blog, Lynette, of What a Hoot Quilts! Lynette, I found your quilt!! It looked fantastic hanging with all the others.

After walking around the quilt show, I visited some fabric shops. Bliss Fabrics and Fancy Tiger are both near downtown and each very unique with a great selection of fabrics. My favorite was Snappy Quilts in Littleton….I have never seen so many Art Gallery Fabrics in one brick and mortar store before as well as other great fabrics. I may have picked out a few for planned projects….

Continuing the vacation in Seattle with my sister. Sewing, Quilt Shops, Taking kids to the sites….lots of fun is in store.


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3 thoughts on “Taking it on the Road: Denver

  1. Tammy says:

    Sounds like you are haveing a fabulous time. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Jacque says:

    How wonderful to have some quilt-y time, and then you will visit with Em, too? What fun! Stay safe and enjoy!

  3. LynCC says:

    OH, my gosh!!! That is so cool! 😀 Wow – you got a great shot of it, Sharon. Can you believe I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO GO IN TO DENVER YET? We’ve had house guests and repeated car troubles. Scott was just saying to me a couple hours ago that we really have to get up to the Capitol to see my quilt and the whole show. He’s seeing when he can take a day off from the clinic. I can’t wait. 😀 Thanks so much for sharing your picture.

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