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Summer Blockbuster: Take 3

Let’s finish this top! Welcome to the last step of the Summer Blockbuster sew along.
Today I will show how to add the final borders to turn those blocks into a finished top, wahoo!

In Take 2 we sewed the blocks together with the sashing strips.

If you haven’t already cut them, cut 5 strips 1 1/2″ by width of fabric from the Sashing B fabric. (you may need more or fewer strips depending on the size of your quilt at this point. These strips are for the inner border)

Measure the width of the quilt to determine the length of the first two Sashing B strips for inner border.

measure at the center of the quilt

Piece sashing B strips as needed to get length needed. Cut 2 strips as determined by the measurement above. Sew strips to opposite sides of the quilt center,

Piece the remaining strips of Sashing B fabric in preparation for the remaining two sides, but do not cut them to length yet.

Measure the quilt at the center, including the two B borders added above, to determine the length of borders for the remaining two sides,

Measure at the center of the quilt for last 2 sides

Press fabric for the outer border. If you have sufficient length, cut two strips 6 1/2″ by the measurement determined above, or piece the strips if needed. Cut the remaining B strips to length as well.
Sew the outer border fabric to the B strips like this:
**Tip: cut the strips longer than needed, sew them together as shown below, then cut them down to the exact length needed to add to the quilt.

Make 2 of these borders

Add these two borders to the quilt center, with the B strips (narrow inner borders) on the inside/toward the quilt center.

Measure the width of the quilt one more time, this time for the last two outer borders. Cut two strips 6 1/2″ by the length determined. Sew to the remaining two sides.

Here is my finished top, it measures 64″ square. I had two 3″ star blocks left over that I added to the corners of the border, just for fun!

And, Cut! that’s a wrap.
Orphan blocks are out of my UFO bag and in a finished quilt top. Sending this one off to be longarm quilted, plan to give it as a Christmas gift. Mark one off the list!


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2 thoughts on “Summer Blockbuster: Take 3

  1. Jacque says:

    Great job – stunning quilt!

  2. Melissa says:

    It finished up so beautifully!

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