Hiking (and eating) Italy

I just returned from a week vacation in Tuscany, Italy. It was positively glorious.
Hubby and I left the kids home with their grandpa, my dad, and we all had the best of vacations.

I knew it was a success here at home when I found two suntanned, very happy boys telling stories of chocolate pudding and exploring creeks….. and a really dirty bathtub.
All signs that fun was had with Grandpa.

Tuscany is more mountainous than I expected and my new shoes got a good workout, which was really important because I ate plenty of pasta and more than my share of gelato!

 we climbed a mountain to look over the other side,

 see that high tower? we climbed a bazillion steps to the top to look over Florence,

and traversed the mountain coast to that pretty village….part of a series of villages connected by hiking trails called the Cinque Terre.

I left Patrick behind to do a weeklong cycling tour of the Italian Alps (he declined to have me join him on a tandem bike. Ha!). He is having a blast so far and I cannot wait to see his pictures….but here I am: home, sweet, home, with my boys and my sweet pup…and a bit of jet lag.

good night,

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2 thoughts on “Hiking (and eating) Italy

  1. Cathy says:

    Wow…what a wonderful trip.

  2. LynCC says:

    How awesome is that!!! I love to read of folks getting fantastic vacations. Looks like one I would love. 🙂 The Cinque Terre sounds amazing.

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