Ambitious Quilting Here

This is the most ambitious quilting project I have done yet. I actually marked (with a water-soluble pen) a double wedding ring design on my Noteworthy quilt and I am quilting it with my Sashiko. Above is a close-up, so you can kind of see the stitches. I am pretty happy with it even though it is far from perfect.

I had the idea because the patchwork design resembles a sort of geometric take on the classic double wedding ring pattern, so I thought is would be cool to superimpose that design with the quilting. It probably doesn’t show up well enough to be worth the effort, but it has been fun to do.

 around the the edges, I am going to echo quilt the curves into the borders. I only have one round done, 1/4 inch out.

Above is a corner where the “rings” overlap. I hope it turns out!

I  have also *finally* link this blog to a Facebook page*. I hope you will “like” or “follow” me on Facebook. You will find all of my posts as well as some shorter quips and photos in between full posts.

I am off on vacation for the next week. Leaving the boys behind for just some time with the hubs. Fingers crossed Cleo gets fed, the house is still standing and the car still rolling when we get back.


*can someone tell me how to post  a link to my facebook page that doesn’t go to the admin page/my personal space? I just cannot figure it out. I am still pretty dumb at facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Ambitious Quilting Here

  1. Monica says:

    The quilting may not show up well online, but I think in real life it will look very good. Great idea!

  2. Cindy says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous and the quilting is fabulous!

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