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Happy Mother’s Day!
The winners of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day are:

Heather, in Canada, who received a copy of my newest pattern, “flying kites”…I hope you like it!

Linda, in Montana, will receive the pink fat quarter bundle along with the pink scissors and tape measure.

Thanks to all who visited, I really enjoy all the comments! I found out many are enjoying the growing flowers, as well as a growing fabric stash, some even have growing tummies with babies inside!

Today I am linking in with Geta Gamma’s quilter’s favorites party. This is for sewing bloggers to share their favorite tools, techniques, and all things crafty, so we might all learn from each other.

One of the questions Geta asked quilters to answer is “how do you choose colors for a quilt?”
My basic requirements for a fabric palette are:

  • good contrast (light, medium, and dark mix)
  • add something big, something bright and something light
  • if you think something doesn’t go, add more of it

I’ll share a bit of my process and also show you my current favorite collection of fabric: PB&J by Basic Gray for Moda.

I like this collections because, really, you could make something with just these fabrics…there is a good variety of prints in navy, red, gold, aqua and cream, with plenty of variety in scale (the size of the printed patterns), pattern (stripes, floral, geometric) as well as value. The prints are just super cute, too.

But…it’s way more fun to add some other pieces to go with it.
How about something light?

I added a few more light prints containing cream, gray and pale green and gold. There is not a green color way in the designer’s collection, but I think it needs a bit of green. It expands on the little bits of green in the floral prints.
How about something bright?

More green, a bit of red in the pearl bracelet fabric and some gold and blue. These fabrics coordinate with the original prints, but add some punch…Brighter and Darker versions of the original colors.
When I say add something Big, this can mean a large scale print or just something that stands out, a zinger. I think these brighter fabrics, along with their larger scale prints, fit this bill.

How about adding some solids?
Here are some textured “solids”

linen/cotton blend in natural, a blue shot cotton, and gray, red, blue pieces from the Mod Century fabric collection. I like these because they read as solid but also add Texture and bit of Brightness.

Here are some flat solids,

Two shades of green, red, blue and gold.

This give me lots of options for piecing something with this group because there is lots of contrast: my piecing will stand out rather than moosh together and I can use the placement of value to bring out design elements.
I mentioned above about if something doesn’t seem to go, add more…like the green. It wouldn’t be right to add just one green, but adding some green prints (both light and bright) and solids makes the green become part of the crowd.

Check out this post where I write about creating a palette with the fabric collection “Noteworthy” by Sweetwater for Moda. This is an absolutely adorable collection, but they are all very similar in value and scale.

Thanks for being patient with my rambling!

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4 thoughts on “Quilter’s Favorites

  1. Tammy says:

    Happy Mothers day. Congratulatiosn to the winners. Thank youf or hosting the giveaway.

  2. SewCalGal says:

    Thanks for the tips on colors. While I’ve been quilting for years, I do feel color challenged and this is an area I’m trying to work on.


  3. Geta Grama says:

    Thank you for linking to my party and sharing your lesson on color, Sharon. I will check your tutorials, I love your use of colors.

  4. Silvia says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips about colors and to meet you

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