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My day job as a nurse consists of supporting people with various disabilities so that they may live at home as independently as possible. Usually the best part of this gig is driving about doing my visits unbothered by co-workers and allowed to stop for drive-through treats, visit quilt shops (fabrics!) nurseries (flowers!)  all over town….
But today I was delivering some medicine to one of my client’s daytime programs and was met with the scene above as I walked in the door. My crafty heart gave a little flutter.
(BTW, don’t those little houses above remind you of Em’s quilts?)

Open Door Art Studio provides space for artists with physical or mental challenges to create artworks. The current display, “this inspired that”, was created when professional artists made a creation based on a piece by a participant at Open Door. I really had to resist with all my will not to buy that house at the top with the little heart vines and bird. And those flowers in the painting above….! love.

Reminds me how this

My Treasure Map Quilt

 Inspired that:

Em’s baby boy quilt

 and that:

Mom’s X quilt

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Please visit the Open Door Art Studio to purchase artworks (proceeds go to the artists), learn more about the program and find out how you can support the workshop.

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3 thoughts on “In Other (art) News

  1. Nifty Quilts says:

    What an inspiring post! Those artworks are wonderful. It’s nice to hear about such a program. Your quilts, too, are always great to see.

  2. Cathy says:

    So much inspiration. And yes the house does remind me of Em. Hugs

  3. Em says:

    What a wonderful post!!!!”

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