Feeling Crafty

As the room mother of my son’s first grade class, I found one of my responsibilities to be organizing a “thank you” for his teacher and her two assistant teachers. I copied my friend’s idea that she did for her kids’ preschool caregivers: tote bags with goodies inside.

These totes came from Bath and Body Works, and I had the idea to personalize them with the teachers’ first initials, Quilty Style.

the picture above shows what both sides look like now.

How to: I printed the giant letters on my printer from the internet, cut them out of the black Essex Linen and stitched them to the pink fabric. Now, for the “M” I stitched about 1/4 inch inside the edges of the letter because I thought the linen would look cute as it frayed around the edges. The “C” is also raw edge, but it is zig-zag stitched, so not as frayed.
I put a layer of thin batting under the pink and turned under the edges of the pink fabric for a finished edge then “quilted” the entire thing onto the bags. I like how the batting gives it a bit of stiffness and also texture where its quilted.
I still have one more to do, an “A”, which I haven’t decided on yet. I want them each to be a bit different.

for one of the gifts to go inside, I had the kids in the class autograph these mugs. How cute are these?
the mugs are available at Starbucks. They come with a glaze pen you use to decorate the mug, then you bake it in your oven to set it permanently. I wrote “2013” on the handles.

I spent the day today at the zoo with this class. I was in charge of three first graders for about four hours at the zoo with every other elementary school class in the city and it was about 90 degrees. It was fun, but gave me such perspective on how wonderful teachers are. I had to lay on my bed for an hour when I got home, and I only had three kids! These ladies wrangle twenty six year olds all day long and are still smiling at the end of the day!!

I hope they like their gift bags…


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2 thoughts on “Feeling Crafty

  1. Jacque says:

    Wonderful, thoughtful gifts….I know they will be treasured!

  2. What a great way to personalize (and prettify) those totes!

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