I am back to sewing blocks for the last row of my Noteworthy Quilt and I am happily liking it more than I thought I did. There were so many nice comments on my last post on this quilt when I was feeling kind of disappointed with it, so thank you! I had put it away for a bit and just got it out to finish before I start something new. I do like it.

& Flowers

This is what’s happening in my garden right now and it gives me the thrills to see all of my plants coming up and blooming more each day!
I had a surprise day off today, so what did I do? strolled the nursery aisles for inspiration, took Cleo for a walk in the woods and spent four hours (yes, I got carried away) puttering in my neighborhood flower garden. I am the landscape committee for my home owners association, and it is the best job ever!
I hope you have some time over the weekend to enjoy the beauty all around…


favorite scrap from the Noteworthy fabric

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