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Quilt-Along: Adding Borders

Here is post #5 on the Fan Quilt-along. If you just tuned in, look here for the first steps. We are nearing the end and I just want to say a bit about borders.
Adjust measurements below to match your quilt top if you used a different setting for your blocks.

A simple border option, and what I will show in this post is adding solid fabric inner and outer borders. Experienced quilters know this technique, but if you are new to quilting, this is an essential bit of knowledge to pick up: how to add borders that lay flat.

Tutorial for making a pieced border can be found Here

Cut fabric strips and piece to approximate length. Cut to exact measurement as determined by measuring shown below.

1. adding inner border: measure the width of the quilt at the center:

this measurement with be the length of the inner borders attached on opposite (short) sides of the quilt.  Cut the two borders to exactly this length (to the nearest 1/8th”)

2. locate the center of one short side and mark with a pin or crease. locate the quarter points by folding the corner into the center point and mark. You now have four points to match: each end/corner, 1/4 of the width in on each side, and the middle.
Find these points and mark them on the border strips as well.

3. lay border strips on quilt top, right sides facing and match the markings, pin. If you find the length of the border strip does not match the quilt length exactly, do not cut the border strips!
match the marked points. if the quilt top seems longer, sew with it on the bottom. if the border strip is too long, sew with it on the bottom. This allows your machine feed dogs to ease in the fullness (which should not be very great).
repeat on opposite side with border strip of the same length as the first. press.

4. measure the length of the quilt down the center of the long axis, including the borders already added:

cut the two strips to exactly the measurement taken above. repeat steps 2 and 3 above to add the long sides of the inner border. press.

In the same manner as for the inner border, cut and piece strips of outer border fabric.

following the steps above, determine first the length of the outer border strips needed for the LONG sides. Sew them to the quilt by matching the points at the center, ends and quarter points of the quilt and border strip as described above.
repeat the steps to determine the measurement of the remaining two borders. sew as instructed in steps 2 and 3. Press entire quilt.

Sorry for the horribly dull post. Hope it is a bit useful.
This technique is used no matter what type of borders you add.


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4 thoughts on “Quilt-Along: Adding Borders

  1. mc says:

    Thank you. I can now tackle my wayward mato border with confidence

  2. Letha Gunter says:

    This was fun….to create color splotches between the focus fabric….not sure I did the block with four pieces correct…for some reason they came out 4 inches….no worry just readjusted the measurements and carried on…

  3. Letha Gunter says:

    I am DONE!!!!!

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