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Fan Quiltalong Part 4: partial seams, blocks, quilt center

Welcome to part four of the series on making a “twirling fans” quilt.
if you are just joining us, click here to see the previous steps. Please sew along!!

This is a tutorial on using partial seams to set in the square at the center of this block.
If you have not already done so, cut the center squares from your chosen fabric (mine is the light gray circle print).
In the last step, you should have sewn your fan units to the white background fabric rectangles.

1. place the center square right sides together with the first fan unit. The square should be over the arc portion of the fan:

2. place the unit above in your sewing machine. You will start sewing at the corner where the square overlaps the fan and sew along the LONG EDGE of the fan block rectangle as shown below:

Stitch about 2/3 of the length of the square and stop as shown above, leaving a portion of the square not attached to the fan unit. press toward the square.

3. Lay the second fan rectangle so that the long edge lines up with the unit created by the square and first fan as shown above. Turn the pieces so that they are right sides facing. Start sewing at the corner where the square overlaps the second fan and sew a complete seam along the LONG edge of the second fan rectangle:

open and press.

4. lay the third fan rectangle so that the long edge corresponds with the edge of the second fan sewn above:

5. turn units so that right sides face and sew seam along long edge of fan rectangle the same as in step 3 above. open and press.

6. place the fourth fan rectangle in place, turn so that right sides face and sew seam along long edge of fourth rectangle. open and press.
The short edge of the fourth rectangle and the long edge of the FIRST rectangle will still be separated as shown below:

7. the last step is to finish the partial seam sewn in step 2. fold the block so that right sides are facing and the partial seam between the first rectangle and the inside square is showing:

Place unit in your sewing machine and begin sewing at the point that you stopped in step 2. Sew the seam from that point out to the edge of the block, connecting the first and fourth rectangles and completing the block.

Press well. Make all the blocks in the same manner.

Sew the blocks together, three rows of four blocks, creating the center of the quilt.

If you chose to make your blocks in one of the other optional settings, you may already be at this point. This can be your completed quilt, or you can add borders of your choice. I made an inner border of half-square triangles and a scrappy outer border using the fabrics left from the fans.
If you want to make a border like mine, you will need:

Triangle paper, thangles, etc. for making half-square triangles
dark fabrics from the fan points
white fabric like the background
border fabric (a single print or pieced scraps)

We will talk about borders next week.

Thanks for joining me!

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7 thoughts on “Fan Quiltalong Part 4: partial seams, blocks, quilt center

  1. Jacque says:

    Whooo! That’s a toughie! I always have trouble with those….great pictures and explanations, tho!

  2. Nifty Quilts says:

    This is so pretty and innovative. You tempt me to join you, but I’ve got too many other projects in the works. Maybe someday…

  3. P. says:

    I am really enjoying watching how these blocks are made. Although I’m not doing this quilt along now,I’d love to come back to it sometime and do it. So cool!

  4. SewCalGal says:

    Great tutorial. I definitely want to add this to my list of favorite tutorials. Can’t wait to use it.


  5. Letha Gunter says:

    This was the easiest part so far. My 4 blocks went together without a hitch…because I machine blanket stitched the curves (Both of them) I had some thick seams

  6. Cheri says:

    Wonderful tutorial!

  7. Burd K. says:

    I been looking for this pattern for over a year on how its put together. Came across this page and oh my goodness thank you…

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