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First of all, I am sending out a huge Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful sister! Many of you know her over at mcelebrates.blogspot.com. if not, go visit. Her quilts are so fun and original.

Second, I have had another request from the crowd, which I am only too pleased to accommodate: Miss Sharon in Michigan would like the instructions for making fans like mine, see finished quilt top Here, or original post and alternate block setting Here. Check back over the weekend for the pattern to be posted.

Will you make one of these with me?

Now, today I am thinking about quilting. On my last post, I showed a closeup of my Sashiko quilting. I have really enjoyed using it and feel so pleased to be able to finish my own quilts (the simple, small ones, that is).
In the past, I have always had my quilts professionally done by a long-arm quilter. I am very proud to own some examples done by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts ( she is AMAZING):

Em pieced this quilt and gave it to me as a gift. It is an example of Judi’s work. Judi also quilted the Village Green Quilt you see at the top left sidebar of this blog (linking to my flick’r page).
And Guess What??! the extremely talented Jenny Pedigo has agreed to quilt my fan quilt (above) and also my Bikini Bottoms quilt! I am so excited.

And then there is hand quilting. Totally amazing work. My Mom started a Grandmother’s flower garden quilt when I started kindergarten. She hand pieced it (I remember her working on it my whole childhood) and is in the process of hand quilting it. I plan on inheriting it. She also hand quilted baby quilts for both my boys.

Now for some audience participation. I am brand new to doing my own quilting and would love pointers.
My biggest question is: how do you keep the backing fabric smooth? is there a magical way to baste to prevent sewn-in wrinkles in the back?

What is the preferred fabric for backing? do you like using sheets? quilting cotton? flannel?

tell me your thoughts on  quilting.


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One thought on “More on Quilting

  1. LynCC says:

    hmmm. . . ::knock on wood:: So far I haven’t had any problems with wrinkles getting quilted in on the back (I do domestic-machine quilting). I’ve used quilting cottons leftover from the front’s construction, batiks, fleece, minky, and pinwhale corduroy. I pin baste for two reasons: with my Lupus, chemicals set a flare off, so I can’t use the sprays even if I wanted to (but I don’t, because the propellant is carcinogenic); second, the larger sizes I’m usually working with wouldn’t stand up to that method. I just tape my backing down on the carpet with painter’s tape, starting with the middle of each side, then the corners, and then mid-points alternatingly around the quilt until I’m happy with the effect. I pull it only taut enough to have no ripples, not to be stretched. Gotta watch the stretching carefully on the minky. I just smooth the batting out on top of that – no need to tape, and smooth the top out last of all. I pin in diamonds that are maybe 3″ wide and 4″ tall – except the heavier backs want closer pins, so I’ll put them at maybe 2″ x 3″ diamonds. I like having an inch extra on each side. More than that, and I get problems with the extra folding under without me noticing and getting quilted in. Bleh!

I love comments! thanks for stopping by.