All Righty, Then.

The winner of the book “Paper Piecing Picnic” that I offered during the blog hop this past week is:

Tammy! She said:
Oh my I am very interested in paper piecing. What a fabulous book. I would dearly love to wint his giveaway for sure, Thank you for the chance to enter.
the patterns for the Village Green Quilt are also making their way to a new home with Sue!
Enjoy, ladies!
Thanks for all the comments! I really enjoy reading responses to posts, and we have lots of new members, Welcome!

This week I have a new project. I volunteered to help the first graders at my sons’ school make a quilt for their class project to contribute for auction at a school fundraiser. The plan was for them to paint on white fabric and now I am going to cut it up and sew it into a quilt…

first grade fabric creation

All I can say is, it makes me laugh. One of the other moms there to help kept looking at me while the kids were painting. It was like she was thinking, “what in the world are you going to do with this?”

On Monday, I went to art class and showed the kids my Treasure Map quilt as an example of a finished quilt. I also showed them how to use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut the fabric. Then they got to “design” their own fabric.
Here is another one of their pieces:

See Title of Post Above.

Enjoy the weekend.


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2 thoughts on “All Righty, Then.

  1. Tammy says:

    Thank you “sew” much Sharon. I look forward to begining my paper pieceing journey with this book. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway. Also congratulatiosn to the other winner Sue as well.

  2. Snoodles says:

    LOL You have your work cut out for you, indeed! Have fun!

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