X-O hugs and kisses for a quilt!

I enjoyed your comments on the new Treasure Map quilt! so many ideas: reproductions, red/turquoise, all solids…they would be great!
I sent a little surprise to three readers:
we will all wait to see what you create!!

Here are a couple of other examples. My mom made the one with white background and colorful “x” blocks…doesn’t it have a completely different look than mine with the low contrast?? I love.

Em made the bottom blocks as a start for a baby boy quilt. I am totally loving the dark background with colorful “x” blocks. I wonder if she will add a “y” or maybe an “o”?? (Em always has a surprise for us)

The lovely Snoodles has requested a closer look at the Sashiko stitching on my quilt. I always love requests from the crowd and will accommodate….

Since getting the Sashiko machine for Christmas, I have quilted four (I think) quilts and it is so much fun. I never had any desire to quilt before (FMQ is way hard), but now I feel emboldened! I even feel the courage to try FMQ on my regular machine again. It is super fun to design, piece, quilt and finish a whole piece.

In other news, another show and tell!! I was so thrilled to see this post by Big Lake Quilter, Cathy.
Her version of my Jewel Box quilt turned out great! In her current post, she shows the top all finished, wow, she gets a lot done!!

hugs and kisses,  I mean, X O X O,


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3 thoughts on “X-O hugs and kisses for a quilt!

  1. Sharon, what a wonderful surprise! I can’t thank you enough and am eager to start making this beautiful quilt. Since we are currently having a snow storm, I figure I’ll have time to give it a good start! Thanks again!

  2. Snoodles says:

    Congrats to the winners! And Sharon, I LOVE how the sashiko stitching looks! What a stunning way to add even more interest to the lovely blocks. Thanks for showing us!

  3. Cathy says:

    Sharon thank you for mentioning my blog. I really love your patterns. I’ve been cyber friends with your sister em for a while so it is nice to be friends with you too. Hugs

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