Project Progress!

First of all, thanks for the sweet support on my binding hang-up! I found that there are others like me who don’t want to sit still long enough to sew on binding, and others who enjoy it.
I did get my binding sewn on my Jewel Box quilt and started the hand stitching, so making progress! Last night I worked on polishing up the pattern, so I am so excited to share that with you!

There are some new things around here!
when I had the idea to make my bikini quilt a sew-along this year, I wanted to make a button for participants to display to spread the word. So I started with a button for my blog, you can see it on the left! big thanks to Snoodles for getting me started and Melissa for helping with the code!

if you like this site, you can display the Fabrics & Flowers button on your site (not that I really think anyone will, but creating it was a learning experience for me).

Some people in my classes at Quilt Beginnings have expressed interest in a group to share progress on the projects we start together. I started a flick’r group for that as well as blog readers (maybe those who don’t blog) to share their projects and show off what you make with my patterns or tutorials. I hope this will be a fun way to share some inspiration….I am always amazed at the talent out there!
You reach the flick’r group page by clicking on the Bikini Quilt photo at the top left.

Happy Sunday!
I am working on my “mod century”/essex linen blocks….oh, and binding.


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One thought on “Project Progress!

  1. Snoodles says:

    Gonna snag your button and post it! Happy Weekend!

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