Finish it up, 2012!

With this post, I am joining the throngs of quilt bloggers doing a wee bit of 2012 look-back. I’ll spare you the first 265 days and just do the….

Kelsey Sews
Sew here is the progress on my list:
1. finish binding my “reflections” quilt and publish pattern: DONE! WAHOO.
2. get circus quilt quilted: DONE! WAHOO. (also has binding machine sewn)
the funny thing about this quilt is that it is made mostly with a layer cake! I don’t know the collection, something from last winter. Bet you didn’t know you could do that with a layer cake a few other scraps!
3. finish Bikini quilt top: DONE! WAHOO (okay, you are tired of the cheering section, I’ll turn it off)
I would like to do this quilt as a Quilt-Along on my blog in 2013. Is there any interest out there?
4. finish fan quilt top: DONE!
5. work on orphan Lemoyne Stars: still orphaned
6. buy a Sashiko machine: DONE! WAHOOOOO! (sorry, couldn’t resist)
My list was shorter than most, but I feel pretty happy with all that I did, considering I also worked on my monthly compass blocks, prepared for two classes and almost finished my Jewel Box quilt, too.
Oh, and played with my kids, my husband, my pup…
thanks for a really great year! I have really enjoyed the past five months as part of the blog world!
Cheers to 2013,
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10 thoughts on “Finish it up, 2012!

  1. I would LOVE to do the bikini bottoms as a QAL in 2013! Happy New Year!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Stunning quilts, congratulations.

  3. Vesuviusmama says:

    You got some great stuff done there. WAHOO!!! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  4. Snoodles says:

    Gorgeous! You got so many DONE, WAHOOO!!! LOL

  5. Melissa says:

    Your fan quilt is just so stunning!

  6. Jess says:

    I might be keen for the QAL, it’s a beautiful quilt!

  7. Vesuviusmama says:

    Wait, wait, wait! You’re EM’S sister??? My soulmate that I’ve never met??? How did I miss this? That is so COOL! She is always bragging on you, understandably, and I just realized I’ve been seeing some stuff more than one place and then she said something about shaking her bikini bottoms on my FB page and there you have it – something just clicked! (I’m slow on the uptake…) Nice to meet ya!

  8. Judy H in NC says:

    I would love a QAL for the Bikini quilt.

  9. Em says:

    You are a riot to play w in Blogland! You are so talented!!!!

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