More flowers, Less fabric

a couple of weeks ago I became the design/build arm of my homeowners’ association landscaping committee (which consists of me and one other person, who doesn’t actually “do” gardening). So, my excuse for not having much in the way of sewing to share is that I have been trying to take advantage of nice weather and nursery sales to plant shrubs and rearrange some perennials.

Since my garden is more or less full (although, like fabric, there is always room for more really great plants), I am excited at the prospect of overhauling the flower beds in my neighborhood.

But, today I did treat myself to some time with my fan quilt. Working on borders…

I have the half-square triangle borders all sewn up, which was great to use up my scraps of browns and grays from the points on the fan blocks.
I am thinking about a scrappy border of pieces from the fans as well as some large prints that coordinate but that I didn’t use in the fans.

I absolutely love that big daisy floral print, I wish I had enough for a whole border of it, but, alas, no such luck.

have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “More flowers, Less fabric

  1. Kenzie Rowan says:

    I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.
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  2. Nifty Quilts says:

    Your hsts and pieced border look great! I can tell this is going to be one knock-out quilt!

  3. LynCC says:

    Nice to see you at BOMs Away 😀 Hey! I could sure use your gardening knowledge at out new place! ;D (haven’t the slightest idea how to do things in this new climate that is so dramatically different from Florida)

  4. Those fans are so cool! I love how they look!

  5. Snoodles says:

    I see some other fabrics that are yummy, too! LOL

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