half-way hustle (progress, not perfection)

here we are, 50 days to the end of the year. Unless you believe in the Mayans, then we have something like 39. Oh, well, I am betting on seeing 2013, because I just have too much left to do.

Progress on my list:

1. finish my Reunion charm square quilt….. Done!

“Reflections” by Yankee Quilter Designs

 2. finish my bikini bottoms….no progress, planning on taking it to Quilt Camp in December
 3. finish fan quilt….lots of progress:
    I have all blocks sewn together, and have
    started border!

Twirling Fans

4. work on lemoyne (orphan) stars….no progress
    but thanks to input from you lovely readers,
    I now have a plan.
5. buy Sashiko machine….been dropping
    heavy hints to Santa

I hope you all have had lots and lots of time
for sewing and other fun!


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6 thoughts on “half-way hustle (progress, not perfection)

  1. Barb in Mi says:

    Looking good – any progress counts!

  2. Gill says:

    I love your ‘Reflections’ quilt!

  3. Snoodles says:

    Reflections and Twirling Fans are both wonderful! Great job!

  4. Nifty Quilts says:

    Both of those quilts are really fun!

  5. Kelsey says:

    Progress is progress in my book! Those twirling fans are amazing!

  6. Your twirling fans quilt looks simply stunning

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