Fill in the blank…

There is a column in last month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine that discusses the positive effects of hobbies and crafts on our mood. I bet we can all identify with that, right?
I think this sign is fun…if you could remove the word “bike”, what would you replace it with?
Here are my substitutions:
“sewing machine”/ “fabric”/ “quilting book”
“plant for my garden”
“pretty underwear” (right? you were all thinking it, but didn’t dare say it)
My mom likes to ask “what would we do without our hobbies?”
See you tomorrow for W.I.P. Wednesday,

Guess What!? this is my 50th post. wow! it has been a really fun three months. Thanks for all of your visits, comments, and inspiration.

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One thought on “Fill in the blank…

  1. Char says:

    I’d have to say sewing machine, fabric and hand dyed yarn!

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