My Stash Overfloweth

I have to confess that I have not been very well behaved this week.
I went to Starbucks twice yesterday.
I bought fabric yesterday and today (why do I fool myself that I can just “stop in” to quilt shops and not give in to temptation?)

Now, you are probably thinking, what is so bad about fabric shopping? well, the thing is, on Tuesday, my mailbox was filled with three (three!!) packages of fabric (to be fair, one of them was fabric I won for the Remember September project giveaway). My stash is exploding. And there is still so much beautiful fabric and so many fun quilts I don’t have time to make! I really need to quit my day job (know anybody wanting to pay me to sew?).

But, what’s done is done! I am thrilled with my new acquisitions (can’t wait to fondle them all), so I am going to share the fun

Fat Eighth Bundles from Green Fairy

I am loving the new Sweetwater collection “Mama Said Sew”. They also have a new collection called “Noteworthy” coming in January. It is a must have, check out their blog for sneak peek.

I picked up these pretties at two of my local quilt shops yesterday and today. They are for This Quilt.
I wasn’t planning on collecting more this project, but I am just loving these juicy bright colors.

I hope you are smiling! I am.

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2 thoughts on “My Stash Overfloweth

  1. Sounds so familiar, I keep on finding new quilting fabric collections that I just must have. I’m not sure when I’ll make quilts from all of it, some of it is just lovely to look at and fondle, as you say 😉

  2. Snoodles says:

    I’m with you….there must be a way that I can quit working and just play with my fabrics, and still be able to pay my bills? And, oh, don’t get me started on the yummy things at Starbucks!! LOL

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