Simple Sundays

Don’t you love a weekend day when you just stay home and putter? the boys and I spent much of our Sunday in the Sewing/Play room.
H. was very busy writing his book on South American Rainforest animals

the pictures were adorable and he wrote a little factoid about each, such as “Anacondas do not have venom, they constrict their victim”. Yes, he actually wrote that. You can imagine the conversations we have. He is never not thinking about animals. “Mom, what is your favorite marsupial?”

C., when he wasn’t setting up wars between pirate ships, was alternately cooking for his baby and poking her with my pins…

And I had some time to work on my fans. Like I said yesterday, this is one of my UFO’s, and I was happily surprised when I got it out that I had more of the pieces cut than I remembered. So today I put some of the cuties together:

there are so many options for setting them together! I am going to applique the curved piece in the center once I decide how to make the blocks. Yesterday I showed four of them on one large background square. Not sure if that is going to be the final setting….we’ll see.

have a blessed week!

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One thought on “Simple Sundays

  1. Snoodles says:

    Good memories! It’s the simple and sweet times that they (and you) will remember! 🙂

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