Saturday Sampler

Lookie! I sewed it up today. What do you think? I feel like it needs something to frame it, but not sure what to do for borders. Any Ideas? Maybe turn it on point and add corners…

This is the first project I have made with solids. Can you believe it? It was a bit of a challenge for me because I love lots of pattern, lots of scraps….but I am happy with it.

This came in my mail today:

My monthly solids club pack from Pink Chalk (blue this month, a favorite), a garden mag (fun bedtime reading) and the newsletter from my favorite shop: Quilt Beginnings! It is so fun to see my name and quilt in the class section. The shop is featured in Quilt Sampler this fall, so if you see a copy, look them up! The boys and I went to the shop today to eat cake at the celebration of the magazine release.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! It is feeling like fall, my favorite time of the year.


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6 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler

  1. giddy99 says:

    OH MY! It’s glorious! I love it!

  2. Em says:

    It is fun and beautiful at the same time. Mail is so fun….much like your silly boys!

  3. Snoodles says:

    That would look so cool “on point” — of course, it looks cool now, but you know what I mean! 🙂 Love the picture of your guys!

  4. Gill says:

    I love your ‘Saturday Sampler’

  5. Wow — those blocks are GORGEOUS! Is that all done by curved piecing, or are the skinny gray strips appliqued? I’ve been noticing that the quilters I most admire are using a lot more solids and a lot more gray than I do, and these blocks are a perfect example. I tend to get so carried away by fun prints and batiks that I forget to buy the “boring” but essential solids. Is there a pattern or tutorial for this block?

    By the way — I found your blog via your entry in this week’s Quilter’s Gallery contest. Your acorn and oak leaves quilt is beautiful. Good luck!

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