P.I.G.S. , W.I.P. , U.F.O….

Whatever you want to call them, most quilters have a pretty healthy to-do, or doing, list. I know I do!
don’t let that long list of projects get you down,

do the hustle!
Have you heard that as of last Saturday, there was 100 days left in the year?? so time is a wasting on the 100 Day Hustle…it’s a linky party where we all work on our lists, WIP’s, whatever, and see what we can do by the end of the year.

My “to-do” list:
1. Finish binding my charm quilt (it is taking me waaaaay too long)
2. finish my bikini bottoms quilt top and get it off to be quilted
3. finish my fans quilt top and get it to the quilter, too
4. buy a Sashiko machine (one can dream, right?)
5. make up a backing and get my Circus Compass top to the quilter
6. figure out something to do with my orphan Lemoyne star blocks…I will need your help with that one. For once, I am really stumped.

that seems pretty manageable. I am sure to think of more as I go along.
There are just too many pretty fabrics, patterns, QAL’s, designs, plants….too little time!!

Hope you are having a great week! I am still plugging away at my fans and tonight I started cutting out my October Compass block. Way too much fun!

By the way, my bouncing baby blog is two months old today!

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4 thoughts on “P.I.G.S. , W.I.P. , U.F.O….

  1. Miki Willa says:

    Congrats on the 2 month birthday of the blog! With so few days left, I guess I better get busy figuring out what I am going to put on my list of need to do and stop the dreaming stuff.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Happy two months! Can’t wait to see all of your projects 🙂 Thanks for joining!

  3. Snoodles says:

    Congrats on two months! How many stars do you have? Maybe a table runner?

  4. Lyanna L. says:

    Congrats on the 2 month bday of your blog! Binding always takes the longest — good luck finishing!

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