Some of you may remember this quilt, made by my mom, from Em’s blog when it was first being made

How cute it that? She brought it out to my house to have it quilted by the same quilter who did my NY Beauty last month. I just picked it up, and it is super cute! love those googly eyes on that one block.

Thought I would share what else inspires me this week, here are some of my favorites from blogs I follow.

Check out the quilt that makes up the background on Ailsa‘s blog. The saturation of color and print is so exciting! If you scroll down a few posts, you’ll find her zig-zag quilt, which I love!

I went nuts when I saw the lone starburst that Brooke made! This post introduced me to the six white  horses blog, which is also filled with goodies. I plan to make one of those starburst blocks straightaway!

Jess is featuring the quilt for her upcoming quilt-a-long, er, I mean, Pervalong. It is awesome.

I hope you enjoy the eye-candy and maybe find some new blog friends along the way. Since I don’t have quilty friends locally, it is so much fun to see what other quilters are making through blogs. I enjoy hearing from readers, feel free to email me pictures of what you are working on if you don’t have a blog!


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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Esmeralda N. Duarte says:

    I am looking for a starburst quilt pattern.

  2. Esmeralda N. Duarte says:

    I am looking for a log cabin quilt pattern.

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