Something old, Something New

I cannot believe how many people have stopped by this blog since the beginning of the blog hop!
I have been responding to comments for two days straight and it has been so much fun to hear all of the things that people are doing as their new experiences!
Thank you for visiting my blog, I am trying my best to respond to comments and look at your blogs, too.

I am really excited that tons of people said that their “something new” this month was trying paper piecing. I absolutely love paper, or foundation, piecing! You can do such amazing things with tiny pieces, or just use the foundations to make basic piecing easier, depending on the project.

I want to show and tell one of my favorite foundation pieced projects: “village green”

I finished this quilt about three years ago and was lucky enough to have it quilted by the talented Judi of  Green Fairy Quilts. She did a phenomenal job! (not sure I spelled that right, but you get the idea)
This quilt usually hangs in my tv room. I have it down right now and replaced with my Merry-go-round
(fall color edition)

Not to seem presumptuous, as if I know any more about this than anybody else, but I wanted to share some tips with all the new foundation piecers out there.

1. My favorite foundation paper is a product called, ” Perfect Piecing ” by June Taylor. It comes in packages of 25 sheets and is available at Joann’s (hello, coupons!)
2. if you use vellum, as many people do, make sure you use the kind designed for piecing. The kind used for paper crafting tends to be much heavier and gets brittle and curls when you iron it.
3. Always reduce your stitch length. This helps hold things together at the intersecting seams and makes it easier to remove papers later
4. if you are foundation piecing units that will later be pieced together in a curve, like my merry-go-round above, remove the papers only from the outer (concave) curve piece prior to sewing the curve. Leave the papers in the inner curve until after you piece them together
5. rather than sewing all the way to the edge of the units (the ‘cutting line’), just stitch one or two stitches past the ‘stitching line’ at the outer boundary of your units. this makes it easier to remove papers later

I will come back to this. I have started a tutorial for my monthly compass block. Will share soon.

happy paper piecing, jam making, home-buying, EPP, FMQ, and all those other fun new things we are doing this month!


ps. will announce winner of two charm packs on September 3

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3 thoughts on “Something old, Something New

  1. Miki Willa says:

    I love the Village Green. Is that one of your patterns? I would love to create something like this. It is quite beautiful.

  2. I love the village quilt, really charming.

  3. Melissa says:

    Thank you for all the tips on paper piecing. I have been doing it for a year now but I know there is so much for me to still learn!

I love comments! thanks for stopping by.