Playing a bit…

As you can see, I have been experimenting with blog designs. I have often wondered (being of lesser technical intelligence than most) how people make their blogs look so cute. I have been surfing around and found some really fun sites for graphics and stuff.

My garden needed some attention. Since beginning this blog, I have been so fired up about quilting, I haven’t been in the mood to dig, but I did some planting today. Since I don’t have any new quilting pictures, I want to show some lovely pictures of my other hobby, my flowers…

Cleo spends a lot of time supporting my gardening. She doesn’t always understand why we are outside but not playing ball. This is a view of a flower bed I just built and planted this spring. I actually dug up the lawn, built the rock wall, filled it with soil, and planted the flowers myself (with lots of help from my kids and their “strong muscles”). I am pretty surprised everything has grown so quickly.

This picture shows some of my favorites: I collect hyssops, purple cone flowers, and coreopsis.

You may have surmised from my quilts and from my garden that I subscribe to the philosophy that when it comes to beautiful things, more is more.

You may also have surmised that my neighbors think I am crazy. That is probably true, too.

happy sowing, or sewing, or whatever you might be enjoying this week.


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5 thoughts on “Playing a bit…

  1. LynCC says:

    I bet they LOVE your hobby, rather than thinking you’re crazy. I’d be thrilled at a neighbor doing such a thing so that I’d have such a wonderful view to see out my window and driving/walking by!! Your garden is beautiful.

  2. sarapatch says:

    Your garden is beautiful…

  3. Snoodles says:

    Gorgeous flowers….love the colors and how they play together!

  4. Nifty Quilts says:

    Beautiful garden! I love the variety of color and texture. Looks like a professional did it!

  5. Melissa says:

    I’m impressed with your mad do it yourself skills! I am terrible with gardens and gardening – I kill pretty much everything I plant and the only thing that seems to grow in abundance in my back yard is weeds. Next year we are planning on hiring a landscape company and having them do an overhaul of our yard. Yours is absolutely gorgeous!

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