The Members’ Gallery

I want to do something new for the month of September. You will notice I rearranged the furniture a bit on the site. I added a left column, including the members (Lovers) of this blog and a Members’ Gallery.

If you are a Lover (or become a Lover) of this blog, you are invited to add your project to the Gallery. The theme for September is Paper-Foundation piecing. If you would like to show off a bit, send me an e-mail that includes a photo of your finished quilt, top or w.i.p., along with your name as it appears on the Lovers list and the site you would like it linked back to, if you have one.
You can see that I started the show with my “Village Green” quilt, and I want to see what you have created. Good, bad, (ugly), not finished yet, whatever.

Now, don’t leave me hanging. It would look bad if I had the only piece in a gallery meant to show off Members’ Talents.

Now, I have joked in the past about my technical inabilities, so we’ll see if I can successfully convert the pictures you send me to the blog. That’s my disclaimer.

Now is your chance to Show Off your paper piecing talents,


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2 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. Snoodles says:

    I’m not too talented with paper piecing, but I’ll see if I can find pix of my two projects…yes, just two. Paper piecing and I have a love/hate relationship — I love to see what other people make, but I hate doing it myself! LOL

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