April Book Club: Four City Sampler Blocks

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Tula Pink City Sampler modern six inch quilt blocks

It is time for our April quilters’ book club blocks! This month I chose the theme “nine-patch” for my six inch sampler blocks. There is not a specific chapter in the Tula Pink City Sampler book about nine-patches, but I flipped through and found plenty of blocks that use nine-patches in creative ways.

Tula Pink City Sampler modern six inch quilt blocks

For my four quilt sampler blocks for April, I made blocks 85, 4, 31, and 7 from the City Sampler Book. These came from the chapters on crosses, squares and strips, so you can see that the basic nine-patch can be incorporated into a variety of settings and shapes. I like making blocks like this because they are so quick and simple, and they turn out so cute! By cutting strips instead of individual squares, you can sew even the tiny ones up fast.

Tula Pink City Sampler modern six inch quilt blocks

I did alter two of the blocks from the original patterns in the book. I simplified both #4 and #31 (above) to reduce the number of pieces required and avoid really tiny pieces. I prefer them simpler like this and I think they hang well with the other blocks I have made (see previous monthly posts, Here).

Now, in the coming week, I will post four of my own block designs and include instructions so you can sew along with me. Each of the blocks will feature the nine-patch, but hopefully give you some new ideas about this classic shape. If you want to sew with me, you can see the previous blocks and tutorials, Here.

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