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Handstamped batik fabric by Alison Glass for Andover fabrics

I have said before that I love everything Alison Glass designs, fabric-wise. So I was naturally really excited about her latest and most-talked-about quilting fabric collection called Handcrafted for Andover Fabrics. *the text print above is also by Alison Glass, part of her 2013 collection “Sun Prints”*

Handcrafted is a collection of hand-stamped, batik style fabrics in saturated jewel tone colors. When you see these fabrics in person, you are struck by the richness of the color, but also by the simplicity of the prints. My first thought was to pair them with fabrics of texture.

how to mix fabric prints for quilt, handstamped by Alioson Glass with shot cottons and textured solid fabrics

Andover also makes a collection of “textured solids”, which are solid color quilting cottons with a larger, visible weave that gives the fabric a slightly nubby texture (they are the pink and green on the left in photo above). My local store where I bought my Handcrafted pieces also had these. Another good option for solids with visual texture are shot cottons and hand dyes, which I happen to have in my stash.

I am thinking about turning the fabrics above into a “Treasure Map” quilt and bringing that pattern back to my pattern shop.

how to mix fabric prints for quilt, handstamped by Alioson Glass with Mochi dots by moda

You might not expect the batik, organic look of the Handcrafted fabrics to look good with other more common prints….but they are perfect for Mochi dots! These colors are a great match to the Handcrafted fabrics, and the linen in the Mochi Dots (by Moda Fabrics) gives the fabric a great texture and makes it feel more casual and kind of rugged. They are a great coordinate, but also just the right contrast to the Handcrafted prints.

how to mix fabric prints for quilt, handstamped by Alioson Glass with polka dot fabrics by Michael Miller fabrics

oh, hey! how about a big splash? Mixing the Handcrafted fabrics with a large assortment of colorful dots in coordinating and contrasting colors would make a super fun, happy quilt for baby or wall hanging (maybe a Polka Dot Bikini quilt?).

At first glance the Handcrafted batiks might seem kind of plain, or so unique that they might be difficult to mix or make an interesting quilt with, but I think they are so much fun (and beautiful!) and have lots of potential to play well with others in my stash.

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